Gun Sales Exploding...are you ready?

Posted on: November 28th, 2012
There was an incredible surge of gun purchases immediately following the attack in Aurora, Colorado – a surge to the tune of a 43.5% increase within the following week.  Not completely unexpected but certain a huge jump according to gun shop owners. In an article in, Background check applications for gun buys surge in Colorado, they talked about the amount of the increase over the following 3-day period.  Does this make you nervous or are you happy to see more guns in society in the wake of such a horrific event?

Regardless of which side you might be on in this discussion, it also means there is more of a need than ever for people to understand the law around owning and especially discharging a firearm.  And not to mention having the right legal documents in place, such as a qualified Gun Trust, so the new owners can lawfully give them to others or allow others to shoot the gun. This is what gets missed and unfortunately, it can be a felony in most states and they aren’t very forgiving about violating the law when emotions are heightened after an event like what just happened in Aurora.

Take, for example, you are in Colorado, very nervous now about this type of thing happening or a copycat showing up so you buy a couple of guns – maybe a hand gun and a rifle or some combination of these.  But after a short period of time you just decide that Colorado is too accommodating to gun owners and want to move to a more “gun restricted” state, like California.  So you pack up your stuff and head out of town to your new home in California.  Anyone see a potential problem?

The easy answer, and there may be more, is that you just transported a firearm across state lines from one that has much less restrictions on owning a firearm than the state you are entering and living in. See the problem developing? The gun laws are different by state and you are now in a less friendly gun state than Colorado and you didn’t take any measures to accommodate for this. Now would be a good time to contact a “Gun Friendly Attorney” – like the ones we know and deal with this every day. Don’t take a chance, make sure you know the law before the law shows up at your door asking tough questions…

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