Gun Trusts and the Holidays…give the “GIFT” of a felony!

Posted on: December 20th, 2012

Some of my colleagues were talking with the CEO of a mid-sized business this past week about the upcoming holidays, mainly Christmas, and of course the discussion around “gifts” came up. I wanted to share the essence of their conversation as I found it to be very relevant for this time of year - actually any time of year. 

He has a modest gun collection, around 10 guns, and thought about giving one to his son for Christmas and maybe doing this with the other kids over the next several years. Sounds like a great plan, right? Not so fast…

After talking about the different guns in his collection, they realized that most were handguns along with a couple AR-15′s and some hunting rifles. A pretty standard collection by many gun owners who shoot targets and some occasional hunting. But as they continued to talk, there were several red flags that popped up that caused them concern.

First, not all of his family live in state. He likes to drive and take road trips with his wife and see parts of the country and so his plan was to drive to see his kids and take them a gun as a gift. When they asked him if he knew the gun laws of all the states where his children lived, he did not. They explained that he might want to check into this or talk to one of our GunDocx Lawyers to get some updated information on what these laws were in the different states and if he could even transport the gun to these states. This was news to him…

Second, for the immediate year, he was giving his son, who lives in Washington, one of his hand guns. It was registered in his name and he was just going to give it to his son. His son has had a few run ins with the law in his past but is now into his 30′s and a good family man that has really turned his life around. When asked if his son was ever convicted of a felony or other charges, he wasn’t exactly sure. They, again, suggested he seek legal counsel on this as there are laws about giving guns to someone with certain  things on their police record. Unfortunately, he was unaware of this as well.

The final topping was that he has reasonable funds at his disposal and with all the political talk going on in Washington and the continued presence we have there, he wanted to purchase a supressor for some of his guns. Forget the questioning, he was simply unaware of what this meant to owning and sharing with others. Obviously no clue what a Form 4 was or what this all meant.

Bottom line was he was planning to be a very generous man this and future Christmas seasons. But what he wasn’t aware of is how he was potentially planning on “gifting a felony” to his family with each of these acts. His gifting heart could have turned out to be a disaster for him and his family if he had carried through with any of these scenarios. Fortunately, he is now on the path with a GunDocx Lawyer and is getting all the proper paperwork in place so he can eventually do what it is he wanted to do in the first place – only legally and safely! Needless to say, he bought lunch…

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