When you Decide to Shoot...

Posted on: January 30th, 2013

BANG - a shot is fired and woulda coulda shoulda no longer matter...

Nobody really is sure of the facts - all we know is a gun went off and there is a victim and a shooter.  What happens next?   There are many things that happen simultaneously, the least of which is you questioning what you did and replaying it over and over in your mind.  While this is going on, the press is publishing photographs of the victim...or shooter, depending on which story you are reading.

You question what you did.  Your memory is not clear.  You are scared.  You may be going home tonight or you might be staying overnight as a guest of the local police department.  Either way, you are going to wonder what really happened.   This is what goes in in the aftermath of a shooting, your decision to SHOOT carries with it a lot of "baggage" and most of it is not pleasant.  It might have been the right decision but now the work really begins - are you ready?

You made the decision to shoot and now a person has been shot.  Justified?  That question will be answered by the story or stories that reveal the facts. It won't be quick but hopefully it will be thorough.  A prosecutor may charge you and if so, a jury will decide. So before you end up in this situation, EITHER you trained, rehearsed, prepared...and reacted correctly under the circumstances, OR you were simply armed and reacted.  Which situation would you rather find yourself in during these circumstances?

What should a gun owner do prior to the possibility of this situation?  Is the Second Amendment enough protection for the gun owner now turned shooter?  Should we do more?  If so, what do you think we should do as gun owners? What should we do to prepare for this onslaught of events that are now going to occur?  Was it justified and the right decision and you acted within your rights or you didn't.  How will you know if you aren't prepared.

We have some help offered by Massad Ayoob and Marty Hayes, J.D., pictured here at NRA Convention 2012.  They help gun owners deal with these questions and these issues all the time.  There are lots of stories for us to learn from at the Armed Citizens Network - check it out, it could mean the difference between going home and going to jail...for a very long time.

What do you think?  What thoughts do you have about this and what would you do?  Anybody been in this situation?  This is our "Gun Owner Community" - share your stories and comments so we can all learn from each others experiences...

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