Who NEEDS an Assault Rifle?

Posted on: February 28th, 2013
Seems like everybody has an opinion about what other people need, what you need and what I need.  When it comes to staying safe… do I have a say?  Does what I think or want matter?  Or should others decide what my right to defend myself and others dear to me means?

Here are some interesting things to consider when we talk about what other people “NEED” and how it might affect you:
  • Nobody needs a car – we have buses and trains that go everywhere.
  • If you don’t drive you can’t get a DWI or hurt someone by drinking and driving.
  • If you don’t live in town… all you need is a Prius unless you’re a farmer or something.
  • You don’t need to own a house.  You can rent an apartment.  An apartment building is efficient and increases tax density.
  • Assault rifle?  Our government will keep you safe.  You can trust governments.  Look at how well they work all around the world.  No problem.  When disaster strikes on a grand scale, things are calm until help arrives.  On a smaller scale… the police can respond before the criminal even gets started… right?
  • We don’t need due process.  We all know you are different; a loner… so one phone call and the mental hospital staff is there for you.
  • Free speech? We don’t like the things you say… you should be banned from saying that nonsense.
When other people determine what YOU need, it’s a slippery slope.  Being free is messy.  It’s uncomfortable.  It’s risky and not perfect.  Freedom is messy and it’s not perfect.  There are risks.

Our Constitution and Bill of Rights were designed to provide balance.  My rights stop where yours start… and that is a gray area indeed.

What do you think?  Who has the right to say what I need?  Isn’t that my call when fundamental and Constitutional rights are involved?  Shouldn’t it be?  What are the boundaries? There are questions that are not only full of opinions but create loads of controversy. I would still like to hear what you think…and so would all our readers. After all, we still have Freedom of Speech, don’t we?
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