Get Educated on the ATT if you own firearms

Posted on: October 2nd, 2013
There is a lot of discussion going on out there if you aren’t aware of it that could affect all gun owners and their ownership and transfer of firearms. The topic is around the United Nations Small Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). If this is ratified, it could have some detrimental impact on all of us as gun owners.

What they want to do is limit transfers of firearms and ammunition so the gun owner can’t “stockpile” these items. While this might seem simple, the language is quite overwhelming and is aimed at the United States, not the individual gun owner. However, because we all live here, we would be the ones that would have to deal with this ruling and pay the consequences for their international actions.

One of my fellow WealthCounsel Attorneys, Alexandria Kincaid of 3G Law out of Idaho recently wrote a blog post, “Defending American Gun Owners Against International Attack”, and did an interview on a radio station about this situation. I would recommend reading her post and also listening to the interview. It isn’t very long but it will give you a great deal more insight into this potential issue for Gun Owners.

To quote a couple of parts from her post, here are two paragraphs I think were important to give you a feel for what this is about. She said it very well so I might as well just share it with you here so you can get more up to speed on what is happening right now.
“It shouldn’t be any wonder why the international community sees our country as a primary “scourge”.  The United States government has purposefully supplied firearms to criminals and terrorists in Mexico and Syria.  And while the Obama administration supplies these international criminals, it at the same time encourages US citizens to judge all American gun owners because of a few lunatics who go on rampages.  These over-publicized tragedies receive international attention.  In addition, the United States is the world’s biggest arms exporter with a $55 billion a year trade in conventional firearms – 40% of the global total.

The ATT will require participating countries to assess the risk that firearms and ammunition transfers will “exacerbate conflict or be used to commit grave violations of international humanitarian law or human rights law” prior to approving transfers of weapons or ammunition.  What does this mean?  It means that the UN is creating a giant loophole for participating governments to deny the import and export of firearms. Theoretically, any firearm could be used to kill another person or make its way into the hands of criminals, and therefore, a transfer of that firearm could be deemed to make the possibility of a violation of human rights more likely.  And voila, the Obama administration will use the ATT to deny the transfer of firearms, and other countries can deny export to the United States if they “assess the risk” and decide the firearms will likely exacerbate conflict.  The effect?   Fewer firearms imports and exports.  AND, a registry of gun owners…”

Something to be aware of and if you have any inclination to write to our government and prevent President Obama from signing this, now would be a good time to do it.
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