Guns in Schools…by Police Officers?

Posted on: October 16th, 2013
There has been lots of discussion as of late about where should guns be allowed, especially after several school tragedies like what happened Sandy Hook in Connecticut. And it won’t be an easy decision for school districts all around the country.

Rather than dive into the political side of the discussion, which isn’t the most productive, I wanted to talk about WHO should be allowed to carry a gun in a school and WHY this might affect all of us.

There was a recent article in titled, “May off-duty officers carry guns in schools?” I thought this was very interesting more in regard to conceal and carry or open brandishing of a firearm than the political side of the fence. In essence, the big debate is whether off-duty officers should be allowed to carry firearms into schools. There is a provision for on-duty officers to carry firearms into a school but nothing in this school district about off-duty.

But here is the real question I would pose to all of you to consider. Criminals, criminally insane, people who are over the edge, and many others will carry a gun into a school regardless of the law…this has been shown to be the case in all the school shootings. They don’t care about the law and obviously don’t care about the lives of children and teachers. So there is no restriction on them, they will do it whether there is a law or not.
The question is around those who don’t fit in this category and may be very capable and trained on how to use a firearm. Should they be permitted to carry a gun into a school? Should they be prepared to protect (maybe even required) the teachers and children? It gets back to the law around conceal and carry or anyone carrying a weapon. Maybe the law should start to be stricter on who gets to carry a firearm in public. Maybe we should have more requirements placed on those who might be called “into duty” whether they are police officers or not. Maybe this is something we, as citizens, should demand.

I would rather see someone who I know has been well trained or at least pretty knowledgeable carrying a gun in a school than someone who just signed a piece of paper and filed it with the state. Someone trained to “draw and fire to protect” is welcome where I am present. Anyone else with a gun poses a potential hazard. Maybe the answer to the legal question is more training, less paperwork.

What do you think? I have posed some questions that don’t have immediate answers for most people. I don’t have the answers, only opinions. And I would like to hear your opinions as well. What do we do as the public? Where do we start? What can each of us do to increase the protection of all of us, including our kids? Love to hear your thoughts…leave a comment.
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