Social Media carries a Big Stick (or Gun in this case)

Posted on: November 7th, 2013
We all know Social Media today. Whether you like it or hate it, use it or avoid it, it is here to stay and the only thing for certain, it isn’t ever going away. And it is going to play a bigger and bigger part in our society in regard to elevating the opinions of the audience, good or bad.

Take a case in point relative to the gun law community. In a recent article in the online publication, AdAge, they talked about the uproar over Guns & Ammo editor Jim Bequette and his departure after an article he wrote stirred up their audience. The article, “Guns & Ammo Editor Apologizes for Pro-Gun Control Column, Steps Down,” helps summarize what went on if you haven’t been following this situation. There was also another related article, “Readers Slam Guns & Ammo for Editorial Advocating Gun Regulation,” in which they talk about what exactly went on in the December issue of the magazine.

Jim Bequette, longtime editor for the magazine went out on a limb and advocated his position about gun control. He argued that gun regulation does not equal infringement of the Second Amendment and wrote, “The fact is, all constitutional rights are regulated, always have been, and need to be.” This set the gun community “up in arms” over this comment and most flamed him and Guns & Ammo for printing this article.

But this debate has gone on for a long time, why such a fuss now you might ask? Well, thanks to the power of social media, the Guns & Ammo Facebook page lit up like a Christmas tree with comments, most very negative and threatening to stop buying the magazine and promoting it to others. This was not a big issue when people were talking about it amongst themselves at the gun range but now this was reaching hundreds of thousands of people…not good for any magazine.  And the real heart of the matter came when many commenters said they planned to boycott the advertisers in the magazine. OK, now we are talking about the Achilles heel of any magazine or newspaper. Touch anything, but don’t touch the advertisers…it is their lifeblood.

So the bottom line is that the power of social media in the gun community is not only real, it is very vocal and very powerful. Are you plugged into the social channels around gun law, like Gun Law Community and other sites talking about gun law? What do you think of this action by both Jim Bequette and the folks at Guns & Ammo? Let’s hear from you…the rest of the country weighed in on this, now I would love to hear from my own audience of readers. Drop a comment and let’s see what you are thinking…
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