Being an Armed Citizen AND a Good Neighbor Requires Planning

Posted on: November 18th, 2013
The role of the armed citizen is a hot topic with all the political figures involved today. But it has been one for many years.  We aren’t going to debate the pros and cons of the armed citizen discussion here; you have your own thoughts on the subject. What is important, regardless of which side of the fence you sit on is, “Are you a Good Neighbor?”

Right now it’s probably more important to understand what being a good neighbor is, especially if you are an armed citizen.  An armed citizen should be competent with firearms AND private about it.  But being armed, or even having skill with firearms, does not mean you are a good neighbor.  It’s much deeper than this and has far more implications.  

I decided to make a voluntary contract with myself, for my benefit and that of everyone around me… to step up my game.  I am contracting to become the “Good Neighbor.” I want to be the person others want to have living next to them. Does it matter if I am armed or not?  No, but we will talk about that in just a minute. 

To start with, I think a good neighbor is one who takes steps to be self-sufficient in the event of need.  Need includes such things as fires, earthquakes, floods, storms, power outages, and other disruptions.  I want to be the person that has sufficient resources on hand, and who could offer a helping hand…on my own terms.  I am not looking to carry the load for everyone else. So a good neighbor might want to talk discretely to selected neighbors.  I also don’t desire to be a target. This is very important too…leading me to another thought.

A good neighbor needs to know the law and how to apply it correctly in a microsecond.  Fence disputes happen, as do home break-ins.  A good neighbor needs to plan in advance. Practice, prepare, and then navigate an event.  After the event, the good neighbor must manage the scene and the aftermath.  But here’s the key to this plan.  A good neighbor HAS neighbors who know it, who see him or her as a vital part of the community, one who does what is necessary to protect life, his, hers or someone else’s.  A good neighbor avoids trouble or diffuses it. 

When your neighbors know this and know you “have their back” the issue of being and armed citizen becomes an advantage for you and your neighborhood. You have now built your own little “community” of people who care about each other and know what to do to help each other in all types of disasters, even one where having an armed citizen available helps everyone sleep better at night.
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