I Always Knew it was the FRIES…

Posted on: November 29th, 2013
Everyone talks about how many deaths guns cause in our country. There is no question, if it is one or more it is too many. Unfortunately, there are many many other causes for deaths in this country that are equally voluminous and many that are much greater. But this isn’t about volume, it is about prevention. Here is something interesting to think about in ALL areas of violence, not just guns…

There was a great discussion of this in an article in CT NEWS Junkie (I know the name is odd) called, “Larson Suggests Gun Control Is Not The Only Way To End Violence.” U.S. Rep. John Larson suggested a few weeks ago that Congress could make progress on curbing violence if it temporarily put aside the divisive issue of gun control and focused on ideas with broader support.  Larson said, “As important as universal background checks for handguns are or guns in general, let’s focus on the issues where perhaps we can get agreement in Congress.”

Rep. Larson commented on the American “fast food diet” and the fact that we really do need to understand diet and how it affects our behavior.  All I know is that when I eat fries I can’t stop with just one.  I really love salt. But ultimately, they make me tired, grumpy, and I put on weight, which also makes me even grumpier. Anyone else ever feel this way?  Does that make me crabby or even more violent?  I should eat more fish.

What does this have to do with gun control?  To me, weight control is a never-ending and very complex issue.  It is easy to put weight on and hard to take it off.  Gee, it does sound like gun control… to accomplish either takes a plan, commitment, and discipline.  Maybe if we followed a healthy eating plan, made better choices, and maintained discipline, we would lose weight… Hmmm, I think there is a lesson here and some amazing parallels to the whole issue of gun control.
What do you think?
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