Should you tell the government about your gold?

Posted on: January 13th, 2014
There has been a lot of talk that says, “People should own gold as a hedge against the government.”  Does this mean that because the government can’t just print new gold that we have a better chance of surviving economic meltdown?

However, the government does want to know if I have some gold or silver bars stashed somewhere.  Should I tell them?  If you did, would you want to tell the government how much you have?  Do you think as an individual it’s up to you or me to protect oneself and the family?  Whose business is it what you or I own if no laws have been broken? 

Fear and suspicion are powerful motivators for folks who think it’s somebody else’s job to protect them.  That’s why we have the military and police, right?  Their job is to protect you and me. So a loss of privacy doesn’t really threaten freedom, does it?  If your neighbor is concerned that you own a gun or someone sees you loading a rifle into your truck, should the police stop by and check up on you?  Do they have the right to? What if your neighbor is “scared” of guns?  Shouldn’t he or she be able to live without fear? Lots of questions about fear, safety, and your rights to protect yourself…financially or physically.

There’s great concern about ownership of firearms. Today it’s the ubiquitous AR-15, a few years ago it was the “Saturday Night Special” or even the “Street Sweeper”.
People who are fearful are in a no-win situation, and it may be one of their own making.  Whose job is it to provide safety for anyone?  Doesn’t each person have some duty to provide safety for him or herself?  Or is it the governments (or some other group) job to eliminate fear?

History teaches us that individual freedom is hard to win but easy to lose.  Does telling the government what you or I own to mollify somebody’s fear create a slippery slope that leads to a loss of freedom?  When people run scared, or have some suspicion, should government be allowed to step in?  Should we just report what we own to the government, and let politicians decide what “safe” is?

Somehow I do not think that this would work out well. What do you think? Comments welcome…
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