Is there a REVOLUTION in the Gun Industry TODAY?

Posted on: February 28th, 2014
A gun is a gun is a gun, right? Well, it used to be that way until the world of technology and the internet showed up in a big way. The world and guns is about to change…

Not too long ago, a young Texas Law student, Cody Wilson, showed up out of nowhere. He had a company called Defense Distributed that Wired magazine called, “one of the 15 most dangerous people in the world.” How did he make such a unique and special list? He made a 3D gun out of plastic that is virtually undetectable in metal detectors and other standard devices. And he put the design on the internet so anyone who has a 3D printer can literally make this gun.

Take a look, this is his company promotion piece that shows the gun being fired and what it is about.


Digital manufacturing and 3D printing is going to become a much bigger part of our lives and will impact almost every product company at some point in the future…some sooner than others. While it is just in its infancy, it is very real and it is potentially very dangerous when in the wrong hands. But in the right hands, it can be an incredibly effective tool to combat crime and other assaults. But like everything good, there is always the dark side that can make it dangerous.

The part that makes this scary for many people is that Cody put the exact directions of how to make the 3D gun on the internet. So someone who is willing to spend a few thousand dollars and buy a printer can literally create the gun in their basement. For not much more than a AR-15 that is accessorized, you can have your own gun making machine! That is revolutionary in any sense of the word…

Will it completely change the world? Time will tell and now that it has been done once, it will be done again and with even greater precision and perfection. Not sure how holding a piece of plastic in your hand compares with the sturdy feel of a rifle or handgun made out of metal, wood, and other materials but one thing is for certain, it isn’t going away…only getting better.
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