It Depends…

Posted on: March 14th, 2014
Whenever you talk to an attorney, you will probably hear this phrase more than once and maybe not less than 10 times in a conversation. Is that a bad thing? It depends…

You see the problem with the law is that while the law is the law, it is open to interpretation based on a variety of circumstances…in some cases. And there are combinations which make it even more difficult. So it really depends.

However, when it comes to gun laws and how they are enforced by the BATFE and other agencies, you might find it to be a bit different. Here there is very little in the area of “it depends” and much more hard and fast laws about what you can and can’t do with firearms. For example, there are federal laws that must be adhered to and then there are individual state laws that also come into play. It is critical to understand both if you want to stay out of trouble.

And by trouble we mean jail time and hefty penalties in many cases. Unlike most civil law issues, there are “circumstances” that happen and so “it depends” on a variety of situations. When it comes to gun law and understanding what you can and can’t do, it is pretty black and white. For example, the law prohibits a convicted felon to own a firearm…no discussion. So if someone has a past felony conviction, they aren’t going to listen to “it depends.” You will be found guilty and probably put back in prison.

The bottom line is we encourage everyone to know the law and exactly what is being said so there isn’t any gray area in your mind. If in question, this is where we, gun law attorneys, can help you out. “Ask before you Act” is always a good phrase to keep in mind when it comes to gun law related issues. Pick up the phone, shoot me an e-mail, but don’t act thinking “it depends” will save you when the police come asking questions. Don’t take gun laws lightly…neither the federal officials nor state law enforcement do and they will “act first and ask questions later.”
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