Is the face of Real Estate Changing?

Posted on: March 21st, 2014
There is now buzz going on out there about Real Estate firms and agents and how they are going to address the Conceal Carry laws that are being adopted by states. How does this affect the gun owner, the real estate companies, and home buying in the future…or does it?

The interesting part of real estate is that there is a ton of contact with the public, strangers if you will, and closed environments…houses. For example, in Chicago where they just passed a conceal carry law, the Illinois Association of Realtors created a consent form that is going to now be included in the conversation between buyers and sellers. You can read all about this in an article, “Real estate agents grapple with Illinois’ new gun law.”

In a nutshell, what it is potentially going to create is a need for real estate firms that are nervous about this to post signs that say “no guns allowed inside houses.” But it isn’t so much that the agents are afraid as it is about liability to the real estate companies should something happen inside one of their properties. Retail establishments have long had signs posted if they don’t want guns in their stores but now with new conceal carry permits showing up in different states, where they didn’t exist before, people have to be more aware.
So as a gun owner, it is upon you to respect the signs and honor the requests of the establishments. You always have the choice of whether to go in or not and if you don’t feel comfortable disarming, then don’t go in. The goal is for everyone, including the gun owner, to feel comfortable and safe. The goal isn’t to put anyone at risk or to put them in an uncomfortable situation.

The best thing to do is make sure you understand the laws in our state for carrying a firearm, whether it is concealed or not. If you understand what the establishment requests, regardless of the law, then you can make your own decisions on what to do next. Where people get into trouble is when they either don’t understand the laws or they do their own thing and ignore the requests of the establishment, an open house in the case of real estate firms. Just know there are going to be signs, restrictions, requests, and preferences of companies. Understand them and then you can make your own decisions.
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