Gun Laws should have ONE Common Objective…Safety

Posted on: April 25th, 2014
We all know there are two sides to every story and gun law is no exception. And it doesn’t matter whether you are on the “right” side or the “left” side, “liberal” or “conservative”, there is one objective everyone should have in common…SAFETY.

There are so many politicians trying to please voters that we get caught up in their mission to make gun laws stricter or looser, depending on what they believe will get them elected. And we, the public, get caught up in this rush of discussion, only to find ourselves on one side or the other of the discussion. To add fuel to these discussions, throw in a dose of the media, who is equally as polarized on gun laws and what they mean to each city and state.

There was a good article by syndicated columnist Donna Brazile in Daily Times Opinion called, “A new movement for sensible gun laws?” What struck my attention about the article is her discussion of both sides of the issues…those who want stricter gun laws and those who don’t. And whether you are an NRA fan or not doesn’t really matter in this discussion. She also introduced a new group that has formed, “Everytown for Gun Safety”, that she says is sweeping the country and offering a “counterweight” to the NRA. It is an interesting movement and one I would encourage you to read more about just to understand their point of view on the issues.

While interesting, this isn’t my point at the moment. What Donna did point out as the critical issue in the article that I, as a practicing gun law attorney, completely agree with is SAFETY. Regardless of whether you think the population should own more guns or less guns, we can all agree on one key issue…we all want to keep our children and each other safe! Any disagreement here? I didn’t think so…

When I talk about gun law and share a variety of issues on how you can be better off if you understand the laws around owning firearms, one issue I resoundingly support is the need to be safe around guns. Whether you have 200 firearms or none, knowing what to do and how to handle a situation can be the difference between life and death. It can also determine whether you end up spending time in jail or not. And it’s in your control to be more educated and aware of these issues and how to be safe.

So regardless of your viewpoint on firearms, let’s all agree on this issue…Safety should be at the top of our list when we talk about guns and gun law. If we always put this first, those who own guns will be more knowledgeable and responsible and those who don’t own guns will know more about what to do when around guns. Are you with me on this one? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on how we can make this work for everyone…regardless of your personal or political opinions.
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