Planning…5 Key Areas for Every Gun Owner

Posted on: May 2nd, 2014
If you have been following my blog for a while you know that if there is one thing I talk about and recommend in anything related to guns and firearms…it’s PLANNING.

And not just planning for what will happen to your guns if you pass away or want to give them to other family members, but planning for everything related to guns. Let me give you a few of the key areas you should be thinking about if you own firearms…and need to do some planning.
  1. Transfer and Gifting – this is where you are going to transfer one or more of your firearms to someone else or gift it to them for some reason. This is very common and can also be one of the reasons people get themselves in trouble, or as we call it, “The Accidental Felony.” Planning ahead for this will keep you out of trouble…and the penalties for much of these mistakes are felony charges.
  2. Transferring upon Death – this is similar to the item above but can also be different depending on how things are set up prior to the gun owner passing away. This doesn’t just happen because they have a Will or Living Trust. Firearms are treated differently and as such need special treatment, such as a Gun Trust. Planning ahead of time helps protect everyone as the guns will have to be moved somewhere upon the death of the gun owner.
  3. Protecting your Home and Property – this is about use of deadly force…potentially. Planning for what could occur and how you would handle it isn’t an easy thing and isn’t always straight forward. There are countless scenarios that could occur. But starting to put a plan in place and then getting the proper legal training about what you can and can’t do is critical to staying out of jail. While there might be lots of gun classes to teach the use of a firearm, they aren’t oriented to teaching you about the law…more on that in later posts.
  4. Protecting yourself and loved ones outside your property – this is also a big area of concern and interest one very few gun owners invest the time to plan for. This involves helping you understand the law and how it applies to you when you are outside your “castle.” This may also involve planning for “conceal and carry” and what you will do in a situation where you have a gun that isn’t visible.
  5. Planning for “after” something goes down – what happens if a shooting does occur, whether it was you doing the shooting or someone else? What are your responsibilities, what can and can’t you do in the eyes of the law, who should you call, and what do you do next. Again, from a legal perspective, there isn’t always one easy answer so planning for situations and scenarios is key to staying out of jail.
These are 5 big areas (others we will talk about later) you should be thinking about as a gun owner. Again, we are concerned here about the “legal aspects” of these scenarios, not whether you are properly trained for each scenario. We will talk about each of these in future blog posts but the key is to start thinking about planning for what you would do as soon as possible so if and when one of these events happens, you can execute your plan.
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