Gun Laws can have big impacts…especially when they don’t work

Posted on: May 10th, 2014
Today it seems like everyone is anxious to pass new gun laws to limit this or restrict that and in the end, whether they help or not, someone has to think about how they will be administered.

Take the recent story that occurred in the state of Colorado where a woman who did house cleaning had her gun taken by the police for safe keeping after a car accident and now she can’t get it back. Not because the police don’t want her to have it back, they can’t give it to her because someone didn’t think through the “process” and “administration” of a new law that was recently passed.

The new law says that there is a background check required for any transfer of a firearm. In this lady’s case, she was in an accident, and because there was a firearm in the car the police took it to keep it safe until she was ready to get it back. Good idea and was probably the best thing for the woman and her gun. But what this triggered is their new law that says an FFL (Federal Firearms License) person has to do the background check before releasing her firearm. Sounds easy…unless they don’t have any FFLs available to do the check…which is what happened in her case.

What they forgot to figure out is how to have an FFL available in their office to do these checks so they could release her gun back to her. There wasn’t any and so the gun sat in the police station. The lady, being a house cleaner, used the gun for protection because she went into lots of new houses to clean and wanted some added security for her…smart. Now she has had to turn down work because she doesn’t feel safe going in without her gun in her bag. Don’t think they are going to reimburse her for this loss of pay either…

Now they are trying to figure out how to either get an FFL assigned to their police station to avoid this from happening or to make an exemption in the law that gives the police an exception. Either way, she isn’t getting her gun back any time soon. Gun laws are needed to protect all of us from the wrong people. But somehow I think this got missed in this latest law in Colorado. What do you think? Share your thoughts about this kind of law or other ideas you might have in this area…
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