5 Things to do BEFORE the Relatives Arrive

Posted on: May 24th, 2014
It’s getting to be vacation time and you know what that means…relatives showing up at your doorstep. While most are welcome additions and there is much joy and happiness that happens during their stay, there are also some occasions where unexpected things happen. Are you ready?

OK, so we can’t stop the family feuds with where Aunt Mary doesn’t like being around Cousin Bill and when they get going it really sets off the rest of the family members and Uncle Arnold really gets into a tizzy and then what was once peaceful turns ugly. But I’m not here to help you stop this from happening since I am an attorney and not a psychologist. I will leave that up to them to help you solve.

But what I can help you with is what to do legally with your firearms during the family visit. For example, here are 5 things that I would highly recommend you think about and have an action plan for before the doorbell rings…
  1. Obvious, but make sure all your firearms and ammo are locked up and hidden away from sight. This is critical because sometimes kids arrive unexpectedly as well with the relatives and you might have forgotten to put them in the safe.
  2. If the relatives want to shoot your firearms, make sure they qualified to shoot whatever the gun or rifle is and check to see if they have ever been through a gun safety course before allowing anyone to handle your firearms.
  3. Just because their relatives, don’t give into family pressure. This means if they aren’t qualified to shoot it doesn’t matter if they are a relative, don’t let them shoot.
  4. If you have any firearms that use a silencer this requires special licensing and the person owning needs to be present when another person is shooting the firearm…make sure you take special care with the group where if you leave (even for a minute) the silencer goes with you.
  5. Don’t let your relatives take any firearm across a state line without you present and without you knowing what the laws are in the state you are traveling into. Many people live on borders of states and the relatives want to go into a different state and possibly take the firearms to shoot…don’t let this happen.
If you follow these 5 simple rules you should have a much safer and more legal visit with your relatives. We can’t help the feuding that might ensue, but we can hopefully help you keep everyone safe from misusing your firearms. And if you have a great story about a visiting relative (whether it involves a gun or not) share it…we always enjoy a good laugh!
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