Concealed-Carry Permit Increases…a Sign of the Times?

Posted on: June 13th, 2014
The internet is a wonderful creation. We can now all buy anything we want anywhere in the world and it will show up on our door step in just a few days. It will also give us detailed information (even video) on how to do practically anything we want to learn how to do. It is pervasive and it is incredibly helpful.

On the other side of the coin, it also has the ability to give us more information than we ever knew we needed. One of which is NEWS…good and bad. Today we are bombarded with news from everywhere in the country and around the world. Something happens in small town America, we know about it as if it happened in New York City. Nothing is hidden from us any longer.

This mass of information can also cause anxiety…from a variety of sources. One of which is gun violence. Today, there are more and more stories about gun violence spreading around the country…rapidly. Any time a gun is used, it is news. And since the news sources are struggling and fighting to gain attention, there is also their degree of sensationalism. This just adds more fuel to the fire and in their world hopefully gains them more eyeballs and readers.

One of the outcomes of this phenomenon is skyrocketing increases in Concealed-Carry permits being issued. There is a heightened sense of anxiety that more and more citizens should be armed. And one of the areas where this is rising extremely fast is in women. In an article in The Seattle Times, “State’s concealed-carry permits skyrocket, especially for women,” they brought some interesting statistics to confirm this is a trend around the country.
  • Washington State’s concealed-carry permits tripled from 2005 to 2012
  • Washington State is no the 5th largest in concealed-carry permits by capita…behind Utah, Indiana, Tennessee, and South Dakota…but ahead of Texas, Florida, and Montana
  • The national trend is increasing in almost every state
  • Primary common concern…heightened need for safety
The one issue that comes with this is the increase for safety training…which many are now seeking as part of this growth. Many, the article said, were also worried about the Obama Administration putting in laws to restrict this so they didn’t want to miss their opportunity to get their permit before the door might close.  Regardless of the reason, Americans are feeling the need to carry a weapon for protection. Is it real or is it inflated? There is no question there is violence in this country, but in another post we can look at the rates and other interesting facts. For now, it appears most are seeking the opportunity to obtain a concealed-carry permit and trying to lower their anxiety about being protected.
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