The Issue Isn’t Gun Laws…It’s All About The Training

Posted on: June 27th, 2014
As a gun owner you know there is continuous discussion, banter, debate, and even outrage over what should happen with gun laws. I don’t see that changing anytime soon. In fact, much of this is a good healthy discussion for all of us to have going on so people are more aware of what is happening around them, regardless of which side of the table they sit on. But this isn’t the real issue…

The real issue is TRAINING. I think it would be hard to defend keeping guns out of everywhere if people knew the ones carrying them were well trained in both the “LAW” and “PROPER USE” of their firearms. I know for myself this would make a huge difference.

For example, in Georgia, they will soon have a new view of the Second Amendment on July 1st, they are implementing the Safe Carry Protection Act, or better known as the “Guns Everywhere Law.” In essence, this says that if someone is licensed and legally permitted to carry a firearm they can now do so in many public places, such as government buildings, churches, bars, etc. There will be more guns being carried everywhere with this new law. One side says this is great and the other is scared to death about what this might mean to have more guns around.

But if we add the element  of “proper training” does it help change the equation? What if it was required to be certified in the proper use of the firearm and you had to carry this permit along with your conceal carry permit? Would that make a difference for how people feel? I know it would for me.

Think of the situation where you are in a church of 500 and you know that probably 200 of the people are carrying a firearm. Does that make you feel safer if someone entered the church and started shooting? It depends. If the 200 people weren’t properly trained, I could see a scenario where innocent people were shooting innocent people because they weren’t prepared and trained in what to do…this could just add to the disaster that was unfolding.

But what if the 200 people were well trained in both the law and the use of their firearm and were positioning themselves and taking only the right shot at the right time so as not to put any of the innocent people in danger? This completely changes the scenario in the church. In the first one, I’m not so sure having 200 armed church goers is a good thing. In the second scenario, I am thrilled to be a part of this church because I know someone will get a good shot and take down the shooter.

So to me the question is how to get people trained (and possibly certified) in both the legal aspects of using a firearm and the tactical use of the firearm in a variety of situations. I believe this is the real core answer to reduce the fear people (rightfully) have over people carrying guns. I know a lot of people who carry guns…and they are all well trained in their use. I have complete confidence they would use them correctly and protect me and others. We just need more of them and we need to know they are trained and certified to use the firearm. This would make a tremendous difference to the laws we make today and tomorrow.
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