“Knee Jerk” Gun Laws…does This Help Anyone?

Posted on: September 5th, 2014
Regardless of which side of gun control or gun rights or 2nd Amendment support you are on, one thing is for certain, the citizens are the ones paying the price for this “ping pong” match. There was an article in Huffington Post recently, “Guns in America: Will We Ever Get Beyond Knee Jerk Lawmaking?” which I thought had an interesting discussion about just this very topic.

You can cut through all the discussions in the article and it doesn’t matter whether you think the examples are right or wrong, what matters is that no one seems to really have a plan…just desires. Think about this from either a personal or business perspective. Do you run your household or your business without a plan…and do it effectively? Probably not. In business, if your customers told you to carry one product today and then changed their mind and wanted a different product tomorrow, how long would you stay in business? You need a plan as to which products you will carry, who your customers will be, and a plan to help them (and you) in the process. We have nothing like this in the areas of gun laws as a nation.

There are two bills used in the Huffington Post article…both of which are out of the state of California. I know you don’t live there, but their examples are some we can all hopefully learn from. The issue, as the author describes it, is that many bills relating to “gun laws” are submitted “incomplete” in regard to doing what they were intended to do. Or they have other things attached to them that don’t really make the bill stronger or more valuable. These bills seem to be put forth without careful planning or thought…thus the “knee jerk” comparison. I don’t think this is only a California issue, I think virtually every state faces this when it comes to gun law and many other laws.

The illustrations demonstrate that while a gun law bill might be a good idea or have the intent of solving some issues, they never really get the chance to do what they were intended to do…they either aren’t complete or get “add-on’s” that make them ineffective.

My message would be the same, regardless of whether someone is for or against firearms. Think through the entire issue of what we want to accomplish and think beyond the next few days or months as to the potential impact it might have. And for sure, stop thinking about where your next vote is coming from…do what is right for both gun owners and citizens. We have a 2nd Amendment in place for a reason so let’s start with that and try to “improve” upon it and make it the best it can be for the citizens of our states…and our country. If we focus on that, we will get things done without the “knee jerk” approach most are using today. We know gun law is a hot topic, let’s not make it hotter by not planning and not discussion the issues and the consequences. This will help everyone in the long run…your thoughts?
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