Gun Control Shouldn’t be about “Control” but about “Managed Abundance”

Posted on: September 15th, 2014
No one disagrees, whether they are proponents or not of gun control, the issue is about trying to keep guns out of the hands of those that potentially could do harm to others. This is the real issue. In a perfect world, responsible citizens would be allowed to have firearms and irresponsible, criminally minded people would not. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that perfect world.

One such argument for gun control is that if there are just fewer guns available, there will be fewer for the criminals to obtain and thus fewer criminal acts involving guns. The law of scarcity hasn’t worked in other economic situations so there is little that says it will work in this situation either. Rather than creating an incredibly powerful “black market” because of the scarcity of guns, why not put the money into making sure people are more knowledgeable and trained about firearms.

For example, if a criminal was going to burglarize a house in a neighborhood they would pick the one that was the easiest to break into and posed the lowest “threat” of being disrupted or caught. This is why there is such a popularity of security systems today. But what if they knew everyone in the neighborhood was armed, well protected, trained, and communicated with each other as to strange activity in their neighborhood. Do you think there would be much crime in the neighborhood? Probably not.

And the great part of this scenario is that the neighbors would be law abiding citizens who would pass background checks, register their firearms, have gun trusts in place so they could easily loan and/or transfer these firearms to other family members and friends, have gun safes to keep them locked up, and have all their legal requirements met. Law enforcement would know what they have and who could use it…no questions asked. And if they were properly trained in not just “how” to use the firearm, but “when” to use their firearm, it would be a great package for everyone. This, in my mind, is true “gun control.”

Contrast this to another neighborhood where they couldn’t own guns, or only a certain type and all of the above requirements were not in place. This would be an incredibly unsafe neighborhood and the criminals would know this as well. They would be easy prey to criminal activity and they would be unsafe to themselves, their neighbors, and their family members. In this scenario, gun control in the traditional sense is in place. And this becomes a much more dangerous situation for everyone.

Just like in any other aspect of life…someone who is more knowledgeable, trained, acts responsibly, protects their assets, and shares this within their community is in a much stronger position to create harmony, not violence and disharmony. These communities exist in virtually all aspects of our life and those that participate in these are comfortable, confident, and secure. I think we should model after something that has proven to work in any aspect of our life rather than creating a situation, like scarcity, that clearly hasn’t worked in anyone’s favor (other than those who control the asset) in just about anything in life. It’s our choice as to whether we move forward…or backward.
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