Standing Up for What you Believe In Never Goes Out of Style

Posted on: October 3rd, 2014
There probably isn’t a day that goes by where there isn’t some story in some news source talking about gun advocacy or gun control. Both sides are very passionate, sometimes heated, about their views and their beliefs. But protesting and demonstrating isn’t always the most effective way to get attention when you want to make a point…as we saw from Bergeron’s Restaurant in Port Allen, Louisiana.

Restaurant owner Kevin Cox decided he had had enough about all the talk for and against customers carrying guns into retail establishments. As you have seen from some of my earlier posts on which establishments allow and don’t allow guns in their stores, this is an ongoing heated discussion. Being a supporter of the 2nd Amendment he decided to take it into his own hands and put a stake in the ground for what he believed in…and backed it up with his money, not just rhetoric.

He decided to offer a 10% discount to anyone who came into his restaurant carrying a gun. You heard it right…he is rewarding people who want to carry their firearms with a discount on his food. He literally put his money where his (or his customers) mouth is and gave them a special deal. I bet this is going to upset those who don’t like guns or being around them…oh, but they won’t be in the restaurant so it won’t really matter.

You see what he did in my mind was brilliant. He did what every other gun advocate wants to do, allow guns into their establishment. But most are too worried that it will upset the other customers. He didn’t care about the other customers that weren’t gun advocates, that wasn’t his niche…gun owners are his focus. So everyone who is a gun advocate now has a place they can not only go, but are passionate about supporting. He made a statement and he backed it up. How can that be bad.

But here is another interesting twist to think about. Let’s say you aren’t a gun advocate. If you wanted to go to eat somewhere that was probably the safest restaurant in the area, where would you go…Bergeron’s Restaurant, that’s where. Why? Because almost everyone in the restaurant is armed and probably has had some solid training on how to use their firearm. How likely is it that someone would come into this establishment and try to rob it or hurt anyone who is there…slim to none. Practically everyone in the restaurant could probably take them down with a single shot. I would eat there for sure.

Kevin Cox made his point. It was picked up by major news sources and went viral. That wasn’t his goal…it was simply something others did. His goal was to stand up for what he believed and go beyond where most dare go…he stood up for what he believed and backed it up. Regardless of your position on gun control, you have to respect Kevin for doing what he did. And if his food is as good as people say it is, I think he will have a lot of non-gun owners dining there as well.
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