Gun Law now affected by Drones?

Posted on: November 28th, 2014
One thing is for certain…we live in a very different world today due to the rapid advances in technology and social media. We are now solidly in the “Internet Revolution” and have departed from the “Industrial Revolution.” With this massive change comes new thinking about gun laws as well.

One such topic that has been popping up and being discussed by more than one state is how technology might affect current gun laws. Take the burgeoning market for “Drones”…the flying objects that Amazon and others will be using to literally “drop ship” our packages in the very near future. And there are many other uses (and proposed uses) for drones besides delivering your packages the same day you order them. Yes, even gun laws are going to change because of this one innovative invention.

There was a great article in the News Observer, “From Drones to BB guns, new laws take effect on Monday.” They talked specifically about how drones are affecting “hunters” and along with that the “animal rights activists” as well. For example, Illinois and Alabama have passed laws to combat drone operators from harassing hunters in the field. Something you might not have thought about initially, but the activists have and are using them to fly over the hunting areas to both harass the hunters and scare away the animals they are hunting.
And take the other end of the argument from the animal rights activists…hunters using them with cameras to fly around areas to easily spot their prey and know exactly where to go to find the animals. Not only is this less sporting, but it also harasses the other hunters where the drones are flying over and around. Might make a good target for someone with a really nice scope on their rifle. The bottom line is something that has recently been invented, turned into something commercial that many can now afford, could end up causing disruption and ultimately changes in our gun laws.

With the proliferation and rapid advancement of technology, we have to expect there will be new frontiers created that our current laws are simply not ready to handle. So while some legislative representatives might be discussing more background checks on the average gun owner, there are technologies being created that could have far more reaching impact on our gun laws.

Stay tuned for more on the drone discussion and outcomes. But in the meantime, keep an open mind about how many of the new technologies could (and possibly should) affect our gun laws today. We have only just begun to see the development of these new areas impacting gun law. And when you add social media on top of all this innovation, you have a completely different situation and changes in gun laws will follow. Lots more to talk about here in future blog posts…stay tuned. Maybe it would be a good idea to start looking up more than down at our phones…there are things flying over our heads today!
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