Gun Laws in Other States Impact EVERYONE…

Posted on: December 19th, 2014
One topic that comes up regularly is, “what is going on in other states gun laws and should I even care or worry about what they are doing?” The simple answer is “absolutely YES.”

As an attorney, we can only practice in the states we are licensed. This means I can’t practice in New York if I am not licensed there or anywhere else in the country. This is important for people to understand about attorneys with the mobility of individuals these days. But it doesn’t keep me from being aware of what is going on legally in these states and being connected to other attorneys in these states, through such groups as and others is invaluable.
As an individual, this is particularly important for you as a gun owner to know what other states are doing with respect to “Gun Law.” Why? Because most states are “predictors” of what could very well happen in our own state.

Take for example the big buzz going on in Washington State over their initiative I-594. In a nutshell, it is a very confusing initiative focused on increasing background checks and limiting the ability of individuals to share their firearms legally. While this might not seem so monumental, it has very far reaching and sweeping implications for gun owners in Washington State.

And even if you don’t live in Washington State, our lawmakers are watching what they are doing very closely. It has been shown many times over that what happens in one state can easily affect the next initiatives and potentially laws in other states…including our own. Regardless of whether a state is “gun friendly” or “opposed to guns” these laws have implications for lawmakers. When they see one state pass a certain law and they would like this in their state, it creates “precedence” for them to align with publicly. This is where we need to pay attention…

So when you want to have a glimpse into what potential initiatives might be on the ballot in our own state, pay attention to what is going on in other states…it will be like a “window into the future” for future dialog. While not everything one state does makes its way into our state, it certainly gets local lawmakers and others thinking about what could be and how it might take place in our own back yard.

As an attorney connected to a variety of these groups, I hope to share some insights (as I have done in the past) on some of these laws that come up in other states to keep you aware of some of the changes that could potentially be out there for us. So when I share what is going on in another state, don’t think this doesn’t apply to you because it could very well be on our ballot in the next election. Hopefully by sharing these changes you can have a head start in seeing what could be happening in our own backyard sometime down the road.
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