Background Checks May Just Be the Beginning…

Posted on: December 29th, 2014
I have shared with you in my previous posts how the laws in one state are, or will, affect the laws in other states, including our own. Legislators and government officials are a bit like lemmings in that when one state does something the others like to pick up on that and run with it in their state. Gun laws are one that is very prone to this “lemming behavior” from what we’ve seen…and will probably only increase in the future.

Take the case of “background checks” and the discussion that has been going on for some time…especially since the passing of I-594 in Washington State. Their recent passage of the law has significantly increased the chatter and discussion about this in other states. Take, for example, the recent discussion on, completely across the country in New Hampshire, in an article, “Background check law is unnecessary.”

At the other side of the country from Washington State, they are now buzzing about the unnecessary need for background checks. Why would they be talking about this unless they are worried that the recent law passed in Washington State could creep into New Hampshire? They are trying to be preemptive in handling this and building a case around it so it hopefully won’t hit their ballot. Gun laws are funny that way…many don’t like to create the initiatives themselves, but they are happy to grab the work of others and bring it into their states. This has been a common practice for many years and it seems to be gaining more momentum in the area of gun laws.

The actual topic here isn’t really the issue…it’s that when one state is successful in passing gun laws, for or against gun owners, the lemming effect takes place and other states start to follow suit. Background checks just happens to the be the hottest bandwagon in gun laws right now and is something that those opposing gun ownership are really getting behind. Why? Because it is one of those areas where it’s hard to disagree with in principle but the principle isn’t what the issue is about. Who can argue it’s a bad idea to have background checks to make sure a potential gun owner isn’t a criminal or mentally unstable…no one. But what happens in reality is this principle is taken as a base and then a host of other restrictions are built into an initiative like this…take Washington State’s I-594 as a great example.

So while the issue is supposedly about “background checks” the real issues lie well below the surface. Background checks are simply the hot topic right now and the one the different legislators and others are jumping on right now…it will be something else down the road. And as they say in the article I referenced above, this is, in effect, a Trojan horse. It’s just the latest way for states to try and get their voters on their side and supporting an initiative that has far more ramifications than you might expect.
Whether this discussion is happening in our state today, it will be in the future, because all states use the “lemming approach” when it comes to something like gun laws. Much more to come on this and many other issues relating to gun law and the impact other states will have on our own.
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