Is 2015 Headed to Driving More Gun Law Changes?

Posted on: January 19th, 2015
There has been some buzz going on for the past several months about the pressure being put on representatives to change a number of gun laws in the upcoming year…but is 2015 the year these changes? Only time will tell but with all the attention some are getting there is a high likelihood.

For example, there was an article, “Watch Out! More Gun Laws in Sight in 2015,” written by Ben Swann which laid out 3 current laws that you might see showing up in a discussion in 2015. These are just 3 of many that are being discussed and could potentially pass this coming year. We will talk about more of these as they become news in the next several months.

Here are 3 that were referenced in the article and have a high likelihood of gaining momentum in 2015…
  1. The Responsible Body Armor Possession Act – This bill allows law enforcement to respond to active shooting situations more effectively. The bill prohibits the purchase, sale, or possession of military-grade body armor by anyone except certain authorized users, such as first-responders and law enforcement.
  2. The Homemade Firearms Accountability Act – This bill will require that guns that are self-assembled or manufactured at home be regulated the same as those that are purchased. It will require that all homemade guns have serial numbers, so if they are used in the commission of a crime, the police are able to trace the bullet back to the weapon.
  3. The Home-Assembled Firearms Restriction Act – This bill will ban the sale and purchase of “incomplete lower receivers,” which are easily purchased and converted into functioning firearms. Banning these transactions would severely reduce the number of untraceable weapons on our streets.
Gun rights supporters and 2nd Amendment advocates will press to oppose these bills and many representatives have already come out and said they won’t support such bills. Regardless of the support or opposition to these bills, there is definitely going to be a lot of discussion in these particular areas of gun law. As with any new bill, usually there are many modifications and adjustments incorporated into it before it ever comes up for a vote. I’m sure we will be seeing many of these discussions throughout the year.

What do you think? Are these areas that either affect you personally or you have an opinion about? Are there other laws you have heard about that are being discussed? Share your thoughts and insights with the rest of us…the more we all know the more intelligent we can respond as voters. But regardless of what goes on, this will be a year of changes in gun laws throughout the country.
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